Our Hunts

Our Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunts are 3 or 4 days in duration.alt="crane hunting canada"

Arrival time is anytime after 3 pm the day before your scheduled hunt.

Checkout is 12pm on the final day of your hunt which allows us time to get ready for the next group of hunters

Our 3 day hunts include: 3 morning goose hunts and 2 afternoon duck or Sandhill Crane hunts.  Max 5 hunts in total

Our 4 day hunts include: 4 morning goose hunts and 3 afternoon duck or Sandhill Crane hunts. Max 7 hunts in total.



What to Expect when hunting with Prairie Sky Outfitters

alt="blue phase ross goose"Early morning wakeup around 4am for breakfast and coffee and then head out to the field and set up for a morning waterfowl hunt. We encourage you to help out with the setting up of the decoys as it helps to get a true feel for the whole hunting experience.  The morning hunt is an awesome experience with thousands of Snow Geese, Canada Geese, Speckle Bellied Geese and ducks filling the skies. We have over 60 dozen Snow Goose decoys, flyers, and rotary decoys, as well as electronic goose calls to lure in the weariest of geese.

Around 10 am or when we limit out we will head back to the lodge for an early lunch and to relax or maybe have a nap until we are ready to head out for our evening duck shoot. After our evening shoot we will head back for a home made supper and unwind and relive the days hunt.



Corporate goose huntingGoose and Duck Cleaning

With our all-inclusive hunts, bird cleaning is included. If you choose to book the Basic Hunt package you must clean your own birds. If you prefer not to help out with the cleaning of the birds, we will clean the birds (breasting only) for you at a cost of $2 per bird. We do find that with everyone pitching in and helping out, the cleaning of the birds can be a fairly quick process where we all can tell stories and relive the hunt.

When cleaning the birds you must leave evidence of sex and species attached to each bird until your final destination. Evidence of sex and species consists of one completely feathered wing attached to the carcass of the game bird.

As well, the United States migratory bird hunting regulations state that it is unlawful for a person to import into the United States migratory game birds belonging to another person.

2017 Limits

Duck: 8 per day, 24 in possession

Geese: 20 per day, 60 in possession

Dark Geese: 8 per day, 24 in possession

Sandhill Cranes: 5 per day, 15 in possession

*Note: only 4 Pintail Ducks are allowed in daily duck limit.  Possession is 12.
*Note: only 5 White Fronted Geese (Speckle Bellied) are allowed in daily Dark Goose limit.  Possession is 15.